Thursday, May 21, 2009

ill :(

So, I am a little ill today! Apparently one of my bosses has changed the stupid password on the parental controls and doesn't want me to know what it is this time and now I cannot look at anything! Not even my own blog!! All I can do is hope that this post comes out right! I don't understand why he is such a dick about this computer like its a big deal! He already blocked myspace and facebook and that pissed me off real good! I mean I don't have something to do every minute of the day and I don't see what it hurts to get on either of those sites! UGH!! I just want to yell at him! Now what am I going to do during the day when I don't have any work to do? Oh and another thing.. I'm going camping this weekend at West Point lake and OF COURSE there are chances of rain!!! The last time I tried to have some fun in the sun it rained and it was cold!! That was in Narch when I went to Texas for Spring Break! Kim said it was hot everyday there and harldy ever rains! Well since I was there it rained and was cold the entire time! It never fails when I want to do something rain comes and spoils the trip!! GAH!! On a good note, me and Brandon are getting along better. We were for a minute there arguing just about every weekend! I was beginning to worry if we were going to make it or not! But I'm sure we just hit a bump in the road! Everybody has a hard time once in a while! But I am sure we will be fine! Oh and I am so glad that Kris won American Idol last night!! I can't stand Adam, sorry for anybody taht likes him! I just felt like he screamed too much and sounded like a girl! Go Kris!! Hope everybody has a good day! I love you Brandi!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Random 25 of Me (Tagged by .beee.)

I don't even know if i have 25 random things about me that I want you to know ;) Oh! And that is Pete up there, he is getting so big!

1. I am very self conscious about my body, yet on days when I think I look good I want everybody to see me.

2. I hate mac and cheese.

3. I want camoflauge on my wedding dress and shot gun shells in my flowers.

4. I wish I knew how to barrel race and owned a horse.

5. I can't wait to have my own retail store.

6. I used to want to be a singer and when I became famous I wanted to give a lot of money to charity and all of the less fortunate kids in other countries. (If i had the money I would still do that part)

7. If I won the lottery I would take care of all my parents' bills before I even thought about myself.

8. I rather give than receive when it comes to presents and I love to give people presents. I'd be broke if I bought all the things that I wanted for other people!

9. I tend to care about other people's happiness more than my own.

10. I want to be a coyote one day just to say I done it (from Coyote Ugly).

11. I'm more confident in my cowboy boots!

12. My biggest fear is being alone.

13. I miss my friends all the time, especially Kim since she lives out of state and Brandi because I feel like I never see her anymore.

14. I love the Twilight and Harry Potter books and movies.

15. I love the person that I am today, stronger and I learned not to care what people think about you.

16. I love to fish and be out on the water, it's so peaceful.

17. I have 4 tattoos and I want another, I just don't know what or where yet.

18. I have more guy friends than girls.

19. I love pizza and spaghetti!!

20. When people think about me I want them to say "that girl is so country."

21. When I die I don't want anybody to wear black to my funeral, please attend in camoflauge.

22. I don't like my right foot because I have retarded toes.

23. I love to dance, I might not be good, but I don't care.

24. I want two kids one day, a boy and a girl.

25. I want to go skydiving one day.

Wow that wasn't as bad as I thought. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So I was playing around with some of our pictures today and came up with this! I like it a lot! See me and Brandon cannot decide which picture we want a big one of to put over the fire place, so I thought this might be a good idea! I don't know what Brandon thinks yet because he has not seen it but I guess I'll see when I get home. He is a little ill today but oh well. I have to leave work early today to go meet up with some of my classmates in Chemistry so we can study for our final. I am so ready to get this week over and not worry about school for a while!! I miss my friend Brandi! I feel like I haven't seen her in forever! I hope she is still alive, lol! I hope that she has a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend too! I feel like shit today too! I hate getting a cold! Anyway, I went to Christy and Michael's last night to go see Addy and she is so tiny and so cute!! I just love her already!! WEll I hope everybody has a great day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Addy Grace

I would like to welcome Ms. Addyson Grace Hammons to the world!! My cousin Christy had her baby yesterday at 5:14 pm weighing 6lbs 10oz and 19.5in. She is so cute and sweet!! Christy is doing well and her and Addy and her husband Michael will be able to go home tomorrow!! I'm so excited for them and I know that they will be amazing parents and I wish them the best of luck!! I can't wait to spend more time with my new cousin! Oh and this is my last week of school so I am super stoked!! YAY!! Hope everybody has a wonderful Monday!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Where to begin today? I am glad that I only have one week of school left, but I am also stressed because I need to do really well on my Chemistry final in order to graduate. Please pray for me that I do well. I really don't want to have to go back next semester :( Other than that news my Friday is ok I guess. I wish that I felt better especially since I have to close tonight at Buffalos. I love how Ken puts me on the schedule for closing on Friday nights when I have class at 8 am and then have to go to work at Southside Steel and then go to Buffalos until 1 in the morning! I'm so tired by the time I get off that I can barely stay awake to drive home. I know I am just complaining but I just had to get that out. I have a few more complaints about working tonight too. The past two Friday nights I have also closed and we haven't really been busy and I haven't made that much money like I know I can on a Friday night. I know that I am a good server and I know that everything has been slow so people don't have that much money like they used to, but if you don't don't have money to tip then you don't have money to go out to eat! Not leaving your server a tip is one of the rudest things ever and it makes you look sorry as hell in my opinion. If you are too much of a tight wad to leave a tip or just cheap then do not come to a restaurant and have somebody wait on you. Go to McDonald's dollar menu! We do not get paid enough for people to not leave us a tip. Our little $2.13/hr isn't shit after taxes, so we depend on that tip money to pay our bills and provide for us. Oh and please do not come in at 11:30 at night with two small children that are half asleep, because they should be in the bed anyway, just because you want something to eat! Go thru a drive thru and take your children home! I'm just so tired of cheap and no tippers. Please don't go out to eat if you don't plan on tipping. Again sorry about all the complaining! Hopefully I will make some money tonight! I hope yall have a great day!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

8 Things ( Stole this From .beee.)

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Graduating (hopefully)
2. Going camping at the lake Memorial Day Weekend
3. Graduation Party
4. Kim coming back home
5. New Moon and the new Harry Potter movies to come out
6. Getting mine and Brandon's pictures back
7. My cousin getting out of jail on the 11th
8. Summer :)
8 things I did yesterday:
1. Went to school
2. Went to work
3. Had to tell Kim and Caden by :(
4. Argued with Brandon a little
5. Went out to eat at Applebees for Jess' birthday
6. Complained about being fat :(
7. Made up with Brandon
8. Went to sleep, I was so tired
8 things I wish I could do:
1. Lose weight and get in shape
2. Save money and spend a weekend off with just me and Brandon
3. Go to Vegas
4. Go back to the Keys and go fishing
5. Buy my own house
6. Travel more
7. Be famous, but who doesn't?
8. Be more confident
8 shows I watch:
1. Bones
2. Lie To Me
3. Two and a Half Men
4. Family Feud
5. American Idol
6. Dollhouse ( sometimes)
7. CSI ( with the old people in it)
8. America's Best Dance Crew

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Blogger

So I am new at this and I have so much on my mind that I do not know where to begin. Right now I am just confused as to where this is going to post because for some reason it seems I have two of the same page. Anyway I am currently annoyed that our phone at our house is messed up and nobody wants to jump on it and get it fixed! Gah! It won't take much to put some wires where they are supposed to go! I'd do it myself if I knew what I was doing, but I don't and I am at work! I am so ready to go right now, it seems like these past few days have just been dragging by! I guess because I am so ready for next week to be over with. It is my last week of school for a little while, I hope. I am worried about my friend too. She is one of the nicest people that I know and has the biggest heart and so strong and she is having family issues and I just hope she knows that I am here for her. My best friend left today to go back to Texas :( . I hate it when she goes back. I have so much fun when she is in town! Well that is all for today, I have to get back to work.